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Home Depot My Apron is a web application for Home Depot employees. I used it to see past payroll and hours worked. New Home Depot employees search in vain for the My Apron online portal, the platform they are used to from the branch system.

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My Apron is linked to the Home Depot store website. For security reasons, this system can only be accessed in the store through company networks.

If you need to access The Home Depot employee portal from home, you must visit www.MyTHDHR.com and access the employee website from there.

Home Depot Self-Service allows you to edit and view some of your employee information. Please check your address and other personal information at the self-service each month to make sure The Home Depot can contact you about benefits, taxes, etc. If required.

My Apron - Ess

In self-service, you can:

  • Activate or sign up to receive a payment card.
  • Change your mailing address.
  • Change or save the Homer Fund deduction.
  • View vacation information and print vacation packages.
  • Check your absent status.
  • Check your partner profile.
  • View and print the history of payments received and tax returns.
  • Change your impressions.
  • Activate or change your direct deposit information.

 You must be connected to the network for self-service functions. Here are some suggestions:

  • Access and make changes to this information.
  • Be careful when connecting to the network.
  • Make sure to log out when you have finished logging in.
  • Make sure to print your documents in a place that is safe for the printer.

After getting permission from Home Depot ESS, let’s see how to log into My Apron at hdapps.homedepot.com/ESSSecurity. Now let’s start the process of logging into My Apron, but first. Let me explain some of the credentials required for the My Apron login process.