Top 7 Best Popular Tumblr Blogs 2017

Hi Friend, are you searching best Tumblr Blogs then you are at correct place, in this post you will get list of popular Tumblr blogs of 2017, funny tumblr blogs to follow, aesthetic blogs to follow, best hipster tumblr blogs.

I'm blog lover and i always love to Read. Few days ago i was searching best Tumblr blogs and made am awesome collection.. Here I'm going to publish it. 

Tumblr is most renowned blogging platform, It lets you post multimedia content such as music, videos, photos and GIFs, create your own blog or community, and communicate with other users.

It is mostly used by the fans of photography, music, and video.

It continues to grow and new features just keep coming.

Top 10 Best & Popular Tumblr blogs to Follow:

So, Guys I have bring out Tumblr blog list enjoy !

Best Tumblr blogs : 

If Paintings Could Text

After viewing and exploring many blogs, i found that "If Paintings Could Text" is awesome blog for the people who love and deal in Painting.
painting Tumblr blog

painting lovers Tumblr blog

This blog finally lends a voice to the lonely figures trapped inside old paintings.

A voice that's whiny, rude and perpetually drunk, but a voice nonetheless.

Awkward Stock Photos

Have you ever encountered bizarre and unlikely stock photos in one of the online image banks? If you have, you were probably wondering what in the world these photos can be used for.
Tumblr blog photos

If you find an awkward photo which should be included, you can send a link to the blog.

Ghost Photographs

best Tumblr blog 2017

Angela Deane turns old found photographs into haunting ghost images with just a few swipes of her paintbrush.

Geeky Stuff

geeky stuff

This Tumblr includes all kinds of cool geeky things, from gadgets and dishes to clothes and furniture. It’s one of the best collections I’ve seen of such things, and every single item is a marvel.

Old Love

cool Tumblr blog 2017

This Tumblr blog was started in 2011. It is said that Old is Gol then you should not miss this tumblr blog also. Photos of long-lost celebrity couples.

Twitter: The Comic

Comics based on the greatest tweets of our generation.
Organized by @VectorBelly .
twitter Blog

If you are fan of comics, then this is for you. yeah you should follow if you are ! Comics based on ridiculous tweets.

Colorful Gradients

This one is the one of my favorite Tumblr blogs, I hope you will also like this one.
A project by A Will Burn.

Forty-eight times a day, a computer automatically creates and uploads a unique color gradient to this blog.

Final words

So, these are some best Tumblr blogs, i hope you liked it.
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