Netflix Error 1012 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch [Fixed]

I have already shared Netflix Free account Username and Password and In this post we will learn how to Fix Netflix Error 1012 in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch 
Netflix error 1012

So, What is Netflix 1012 error basically ? Actually whenever users are login in Netflix then they are getting error message - There is a problem connecting to Netflix. Please try again later (1012).  So, If you are also getting Netflix Error 1012 on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch then read this post and follow my simple steps you will be able to fix in next 3 mins.

How To Fix Netflix Error 1012 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch :

There are many ways to fix it but i am going to telling you 5 simple methods, it depend on you which method do you prefer most.

Method 1 : Restart your iOS Device

Sometimes, we get these types of error due to cache problem. Before doing more steps and methods switch off and on your device and then try to login again. I hope it will work because many of them have cache problem. This is ideal solution.. isn't ? Well if this don't work for you check out other solution.

Method 2 : Test Internet Connection 

Login 1012 issue may happen due to internet connectivity. So, Open your browser and open and page for checking or internet connection. If there is some difficulty in opening the webpage, then you need to troubleshoot your internet connection. If internet is working fine even you are facing there is a problem connecting to Netflix check out other method.

Method 3 : Reinstall Netflix app from your device

Outdated version apps usually creates problem. So, Install latest version. Id you have latest version and still you are getting error reset your app because some outdated information stored in Netflix app and they creates problem too.

Method 4 : Switch Internet Connection 

If you are using mobile data then switch to WiFi and if you are using WiFi then switch to Mobile data. Yeah sometimes Switching internet connect help us.. This is really amazing working trick.

Final words 
So, Friend These were few Simples methods which really works to fix Netflix error 1012 on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. I hope this will work for you. If you find this helpful don't forget to share it on social sites. Thanks !
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