Game Guardian APK Download for Android [#Latest Version]

Game Guardian is an amazing Android hacking app which help us to change value/data (such as money, points or coins) of android games or Apps to desired turn. This app is one and only app in Android which will allow you to change value of games and apps. Game Guardian tool is available in only Marshmallow and Nougat. Continuing education also have prepared the Game Guardian. This is also known as GGuardian. 

game guardian android app

We tasted this tool over hundreds of games such as subway suffers, temple run etc. 

Game guardian is a hacking app so this isn't available in play store but no problem we have bring out  for you and here you cam direct download Game Guardian by link. 

Before installing this app one this i would like to inform that make the tool work on your Android, Your device must have root access, if your device haven't root access, Game Guardian won’t work on your any Android version.

Features of Game Guardian : 

  • Search between 0 to 999,999,999
  • We can lock game and fix number
  • We can change Speed of games
  • Perform a clean hack
  • ARM & X86 device run
Of cause there are more many but these are top features of this app. 

Game Guardian APK Download Latest Version 8.24.1

As i told you Game Guardian isn't available in Playstore. So, Here we have bring out Game guardian apk file. You can download this by following link. This is direct downloading link from the website. The download link for Game Guardian APK 8.24.1 given below. You can download by following Link.

Once you downloaded Game Guardian by above link you can install it and change values of games make sure your device is rooted, i have already told that your device must be rooted for using this app. If you phone is rooted you can use it without any other problems.
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