Fix Netflix Error Aip-701 PS3 and Other devices

In my previous post, i showed you how to fix Netflix 1012 error and in this post we will fix Netflix Error Aip 701 PS3. If you are also in trouble and getting this error while streaming, then i hope after reading this post you will fix it.
Netflix error aip 701

How To Fix Netflix Error aip-701 

Step 1 : Open Netflix and try to stream any video that display the error AIP 701.

Step 2 : Then after you have to press these following buttons quickly. 

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up

( If you are getting this error in PS3 then press PS3 buttons, if you are getting this error in Smart TV then press these buttons by smart TV remote)

Step 3 : After pressing these buttons you will get you have option to disable your account, conform it and deactivate your Netflix account.

Step 4 : After Deactivation, You have to on your device and login Netflix and then Try to stream. That's it.

I hope these steps were helpful for fix Netflix Error Aip-701, by using this technique you can fix any device, PS3 LG Smart TV, Samsung smart TV, XBOX,Roku, Amazon Fire etc.

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